Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bianca's BBQ Tempeh Pizza!

It's getting late and I've just now decided that I want to try being a blogger again....hahah.....funny how inspiration hits us sometimes, huh?

I've had at least one major change since I last blogged....I got a new job! I'm working in a field that is much closer to my college studies and trying to adjust to a much more rigorous work schedule. It's a schedule that I remember, but I was several years younger the last time I time around and it's safe to say that I've allowed myself to get lazy and comfortable in previous jobs. Sigh. I know it will come, but I'm fighting my desire to accomplish great things with my desire to sit around and watch hours of Netflix. Hmm.....kind of a no-brainer, right?

Anyway, this is a FOOD blog and in honor of my super-amazing best friend, Bianca, who just released her very first cookbook, Cookin' Crunk (!!!), I'd like to post a pic of one of her creations - BBQ Tempeh Pizza! Bianca blogged about this recipe awhile ago and it's in her brand-new cookbook. Drew and I whipped this up last week and oh my god, ya' freakin' good!

I love a non-traditional pizza. This pizza features BBQ tempeh that is sticky, spicy and slightly sweet, which pairs wonderfully with the earthy spinach and creamy cheese sauce.

I feel like I was never that creative with pizza sauces or toppings before going vegan. I pretty much always opted for a traditional veggie pizza or plain old cheese. Nowadays, I still like to make a traditional veggie with marinara and Daiya vegan mozzarella. But, there's also roasted red pepper sauce or roasted onion spread or hummus or cheesy sauce, like Bianca used in this delicious pizza.

I'm ridiculously happy and proud of Bianca. Her book paints a palpable picture of Southern living, as she recounts fun cooking times with her Mama and Granny and turns those tasty recipes over to you, cruelty free. She's put a lot of time and love into this cookbook and I promise you won't be disappointed! Cookin' Crunk is available for order on Amazon now and should be in Barnes and Noble very soon. You can also hop on over to Vegan Crunk for a copy and she'll sign it for you!

As we move into these cooler temperatures, I hope you'll check out Bianca's book for hearty Southern vegan recipes that will satisfy your taste buds and warm your soul.


Babette said...

I actually made that pizza on Friday and my boy friend and I fought for the last slice. It was absolutely delicious. Next time though, I want to try Bianca's BBQ sauce, because I used store-bought sauce and I'm sure homemade would be better.

You're right, the book is awesome and quite original =)

So far, the ranch dip is my favorite. It's unbelievable.

Heather Iacobacci-Miller said...

My hubby loves BBQ sauce with Frank's mixed together on his half of pizza. It's a nice change of flavors on a pizza. Congrats on the new job!

Susan said...

Oh wow, that looks amazing!
I have the book on my wish list for an upcoming order. :)

Nikki said...

Wow, this looks really good. I need to stop procrastinating and just get that book. Every photo I see of one of her recipes looks awesome. I make pizza every Sunday night and BBQ sounds like a nice switch from the traditional.

Good luck with your new job and keep bloggin'! :)

Bianca said...

YEA!!!!!! I forgot that you posted and just now saw this! Glad you liked the pizza, and thanks for pimping me out!!! Love you!!

Jenny said...

You're back! I'm looking forward to buying Bianca's book.

Jenny said...

I thought maybe you were blogging again. Maybe one day? :)